Eastman South Blizzard U15AA

The Eastman South Blizzard plays out of Mitchell, Steinbach and La Broquerie, MB. We’re looking for a dynamic and passionate coach to join us in Southeast Manitoba to coach our AA program. If you have experience in developing top tier talent, fostering competitive mentality, and building a culture of excellence we want to hear from you.


•  Excellent leadership skills
•  Must have the ability to communicate effectively and efficiently with assistant coaches, players,         and parents.
•  Strong organizational and administrative skills
•  A proven record of integrity, high principles, and demonstrated skill in developing and motivating       players.
•  A pleasant personality combined with a positive attitude is essential.
•  Ability to foster a cooperative work environment, get along and work well with other members of      the organization.
•  Excellent time management skills
•  Coaching and player development skills are a must.
•  Ability to develop season-long development and practice plans.

Position Requirements:

•  On-ice weekday practices
•  Weekdays Off Ice conditioning days – to be discussed with hiring committee.
•  Video review – to be discussed with hiring committee
•  Attending all team functions to the best of your ability.
•  Development of weekly practice plan to include skill development drills designed to improve              skating, passing, shooting, tactics and hockey IQ.
•  Extensive foundation in hockey skills
•  Appropriate Hockey Canada Certification Level
•  Must meet all Hockey Canada coaching requirements.
•  Background check
•  Will have played the game, coached, or developed players.
•  Developed age-appropriate practice plans and skill-improvement drills.

Please e-mail a resume to Kaitlin Schamber at and you will be contacted for an interview if considered for a position. Thank-you!

Le Club Sportif de La Broquerie ont été sélectionné comme récipient de la Subvention 1,500 $ Francofonds pour les initiatives communautaires 2023.  Nous vous remercions d’avantage pour votre support et votre engagement à la communauté de La Broquerie!  C’est fonds vont directement au projet d’expansion de notre caisse a trophées.


Le Club Sportif de La Broquerie are pleased to announce we have been the recipient of a Francofonds 2023 Community Initiative Grant of $1,500.  These funds will be used to expand and improve our current Trophy Case. We would like to thank Francofonds for your generous support, and your support of the Club Sportif and the community of La Broquerie!  

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