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Baseball / Softball Registration now Open
Mar 1, 2024
Baseball / Softball Registration now Open

Baseball / Softball registration now open.  Please proceed to the registration page to complete your registration.

Baseball Registration Page

Subention Francofonds/Francofunds Grant!
Dec 13, 2023
Subention Francofonds/Francofunds Grant!

Le Club Sportif de La Broquerie ont été sélectionné comme récipient de la Subvention 1,500 $ Francofonds pour les initiatives communautaires 2023.  Nous vous remercions d’avantage pour votre support et votre engagement à la communauté de La Broquerie!  C’est fonds vont directement au projet d’expansion de notre caisse a trophées.


Le Club Sportif de La Broquerie are pleased to announce we have been the recipient of a Francofonds 2023 Community Initiative Grant of $1,500.  These funds will be used to expand and improve our current Trophy Case. We would like to thank Francofonds for your generous support, and your support of the Club Sportif and the community of La Broquerie!  

Steinbach Pistons - Habs Jersey Game!
Dec 13, 2023
Steinbach Pistons - Habs Jersey Game!

The Steinbach Pistons will be wearing specialty Habs Jerseys on Friday Dec 15 and Saturday Dec 16!  Come out and support the Steinbach Pistons wearing your Habs Jerseys!

Jerseys will be auctioned off after the weekend as well!

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